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This page has been created to accompany a workshop at
the giftEDnz Conference, 2012

Networking with the Online Gifted Community
A Workshop with Mary St George, from Gifted Online, a service of The Gifted Education Centre.

Here are the links you can use during and after the workshop session. You are very welcome to share them with colleagues and friends who were unable to attend, or to contact me with questions later. I'll challenge you to use Twitter or Facebook to do that, but if those are what you're having problems with, email

First we will be using Twitter to join #gtchat.

Then we will look at Facebook to join Mary's Gifted Contacts and Mary's Gifted Chat. This is for practice at joining and using a group with or without a chat, rather than total self-promotion!
We will discuss, but not use, a range of other social media where there is something related to giftedness happening. The number of these we cover will depend on needs and time. They may include the following: