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What is #gtchat?
#Gtchat is gifted and talented chat, on Twitter. In New Zealand time it takes place on Saturday mornings, and you can read about it at http://txgifted.org/gtchat/. If you are considering joining Twitter, there is a preview of a live feed below, to show you what it is like. Most activity takes place at chat times, but there are quite often other posts throughout the week. This feed can be slow to start moving, or may be empty if there are no current posts.

The information below was to supplement a session in which Mary from Gifted Online was a guest contributor at #gtchat. Tweets are short, so linking to other information can help. The information is out of date, as we now use Skype for all chats, but is still here in case people follow links from the transcript archive. 

What makes a good online chat for kids?

KIds have mastered directionality in reading. They know to read down the page, and if that is recent, they won't be making any exceptions. Some gifted kids can hold strongly to rules and beliefs! This means that if a key question scrolls up and out of view, they won't go looking for it! We ditched an old chatroom in favour of one that keeps questions in front of kids while they write underneath.

These are the chat questions used in our chatroom yesterday with kids of nine and ten who have been on the programme for almost a year. Some chats should be facilitating thinking about how children learn and work. If all are topic based, it keeps learners dependent on the teacher.

Online learning can mean many different things. Where does the programme you are considering fit?

Temporary filehosting for World Council of Gifted and Talented Children: WGNewsletterJuly2011.pdf and WGNewsletterOct2011.pdf.

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