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GO Graphic - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much time is required to do GO Graphic as a holiday programme?

    The best indicator of this is probably how long your children usually spend on things they find fascinating which are computer related. Most kids (and adults) who like both art and computers find vector graphics fascinating, and will experiment with vector graphics software for quite some time if given the opportunity. Chats will last 20-30 minutes each, and there will be a choice of times, including a teens only time in the evening.

  2. What do kids do in a virtual classroom like GO?

    Inside the classroom is a link to the GO Graphics area with instructions, including screen shots and videos, teaching students how to use the graphics software. There are also portfolios where students can upload their best work, display it, view the work of others, make comments and ask questions. Social learners may spend more time viewing the work of others than doing their own work, but those who like to puzzle things out on their own do less of this. Those using text-based chat will use a chat facility that is also located inside the virtual classroom. Others will use Skype.

  3. What if the software doesn't run on my computer?

    Before GO Graphic commences, you will be asked to download and install Inkscape, the free graphics software we will be using, and to confirm that you can open the programme. If you have any difficulties (and this is unusual) your place will be given to someone else, and you will not be billed. I recommend installing the software a week or two before the programme starts so that students can experiment should they wish to, but will not have time for the novelty to wear off before the real learning begins.

  4. What if my child misses a day?

    Student log-ins will not be removed for a few days after the programme finishes. You will have the opportunity to revisit any missed instructions. 

  5. What will happen each day?

    Each day there will be a choice of text chat and Skype chat times, and there will be a group of related skills to learn.
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