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Presenting GO Graphic!

GO Graphic is running in Hamilton in the Easter Holidays. Learn in a group, then share your work or ask more questions online. There are helpful videos on our website, too.

Click Here for F.A.Q.

Do you like challenges, art and computers? Learn illustration graphics (using free, safe and reputable graphics software) during the Easter Holidays!

Register by contacting Mary St George at with the following details:

  • Name and age of child(ren). 
  • Name of parent.
  • Phone number, email address, and address for billing.

Please feel welcome to print and share this mini-poster, made with the same free software which the children will be learning to use.

In our regular GO Lessons, computer graphics are secondary. They are a tool for children to express their thinking online, within a rich conceptual curriculum that emphasises self-directed learning, individual projects, enquiry and reflection. GO Graphic has a different emphasis. Art for its own sake, and for the thrill of learning something new. 

In our experience, the children who have really taken a shine to computer graphics have usually been 8 years of age or older, and we have no current students older than 15. These ages are given as a guide rather than a rule. Children who read for information well will need less support from parents, but some information will be available as video (suitable for fast connections) or as screen shots (suitable for slow, rural connections).

As with GO Storymakers, we don't require proof that your child is gifted for this programme, but we know from experience that many gifted children find computer graphics to be a fascinating medium through which to challenge themselves.

Join a facebook group on giftedness. Parents, teachers and advocates for the gifted welcome!
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For all enquiries about the Gifted Online Programme, please contact one of our staff:
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     Mary St George
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The Gifted Education Centre
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