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 Gifted Awareness Week 2011
13-19 June
More than 6,000 blog page views!
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Thanks to all supporting the blog tour on Twitter! This is not just mine, it is all of yours as well! 

Posts by Members of Parliament will be in bold type, to help you with your voting decision this year.
Posts already published are in italics. Some may need to start early due to commitments during GAW.
Name of blogger or organisation
Date of post
URL of blog
 Likely topic connected with giftedness
 WAGC  29 May
 Is "gifted" the right word?
guest bloggers welcome

 giftEDnz  30 May
 Meaningful learning  
 giftEDnz  31 May
 Did you know?  
 Hon. Sue Moroney 1 June
 Labour raises key questions about gifted children's needs not being met in some schools.  
WAGC   2 June
 Replying to Sue Moroney  Waikato guest bloggers welcome
Tracy Riley  2 June
  Replying to Sue Moroney Guest blogger 
Mary St George   4 June
 Rural needs. Will host 
Mary St George   4 June
Gifted resources online – where to start? Will host
Sue Breen   5 June
 Gifted and Sidelined! Guest blogger 
 WAGC  6 June
 Graphic Advocacy for Gifted Kids  Will host
 Debbie Smith  6 June
 Thoughts on cultural shift, between understandings, learning environments and nations.  
 Janine Logan  7 June
Questions on testing to inform from a parent's perspective.   
 Mona Chicks  8 June
 An international parent's perspective. 1000+ views
 Rochelle Campbell  9 June
 Parenting a gifted preschooler with intense sensitivity to sound. Guest blogger. 
 Sonia White  9 June
 An education consultant explores the value of giftedness.  
 Lynley McMillan  9 June
 Workaholism 1 of 3
Likely to be of high interest to parents of gifted kids.
  Guest blogger. 
 Lynley McMillan 10 June
 Workaholism 2 of 3
When you are workaholic and your partner isn't.
  Guest blogger.
 Mona Chicks  10 June
 Sensory intensity, a parent's view. International contributor.  
 Mary St George  10 June
 Skype Chats - the other online dimension of #NZGAW Will host
 Hon. Rodney Hide  10 June
The Associate Minister of Education expresses his support.  Guest
  Lynley McMillan  11 June
  Workaholism 3 of 3 - Could workaholism be natural, or even adaptive?   Guest blogger.
 Janine Logan  11 June
  Parenting the Gifted – the Challenge of Perfectionism Guest blogger. 
 Mona Chicks 11 June
Psychomotor intensity: a child in constant motion.   
  Lynley McMillan  12 June

  Perfectionism 1 of 2
Relentless Perfectionism
  Guest blogger.
 Mary St George 12 June

 How are twice exceptional children best supported by teachers, friends and family? 1000+ views
 Kathy Williams  13 June
Gifted Awareness Week officially begins today. Kathy sends a word of welcome.  Guest blogger.
  Lynley McMillan   13 June
  Perfectionism 2 of 3
How discerning use of perfectionism can work in our favour.
  Guest blogger.
 Elaine Le Sueur
 13 June

 Recognising and differentiating for high potential.
  Elaine Le Sueur 13 June
 The importance of teacher professional development.  
 Brainhugger  13 June
 The Gift of Creativity - On Creative Twice Exceptional People. International.  
Anne Sturgess   13 June
 How not to talk to your kids - On praise.  
  Anne Sturgess 
Robyn Boswell
 13 June
Amazing results from New Zealand's Future Problem Solving teams - Congratulations! Congrat-
Sonia White    13 June Further Congratulations to our teams. Congrat-
 David Whitehead  14 June

 A lecturer in education shares a memory as the parent of a gifted child.   Guest blogger
 Jo Freitag  14 June  Greetings from a fabulous online collaborator across the ditch!  
Tracy Riley   14 June
Associate Professor Tracy Riley remembers a teacher who inspired her and poses questions.   
 Mary St George   14 June
Great teamwork for a great event this Saturday.  
 Elaine le Sueur  14 June
Making a difference - have you tended your garden yet today?  
 Mona Chicks  14 June

Imaginational Intensity. "Reality feeds his imagination. Soon his imagination will be feeding reality."  
 Susanne Thomas
 15 June

Finding curricular materials to homeschool gifted children. International Perspective.
 Will host
 Tim Dracup
 15 June

International Perspective on a proposed NZ Policy. Useful to consider in an election year.
 Rebecca Howell
 15 June

 Gifted and very active young children. International Perspective.
 Guest blogger
 Lisa Lauffer  15 June   Parents of the gifted often become aware of their own gifts. International perspective.  
Elaine Le Sueur   15 June
Social Emotional needs and learning environment.  
Rosemary Cathcart  15 June

On perennial questions in gifted education.   Guest blogger
Leslinks  15 June

International Perspective, with suggested activities for children
Elaine Le Sueur   16 June

Appealing to gifted children's sense of humour.  
Marg Frauenstein  16 June

An ex-homeschool parent's perspective, about her children's transition to school when the need arose.   Guest blogger
 Hon. Catherine Delahunty  16 June

 The Green Party's spokesperson for education acknowledges the impact of cuts and National Standards.  
 Paul, father of two.   16 June

Parenting perspective, including why one lad refused to write!  
 Roya Klingner
 16 June
 Solution Oriented Coaching for gifted kids. International Perspective.
 Lisa Rivero
 16 June

 International perspective on patience, parenting, and one man's passion.
 Lisa Conrad  16 June

 International Perspective. "This is our moment," writes Lisa. My response? Carpe diem!  
 IMACS  16 June
 International Parenting Perspective on mathematically gifted preschoolers.  Guest blogger
 Elaine Le Sueur 17 June

 Provoking change.  
 Janine Logan
 17 June

 Parenting perspective.
 Guest blogger
  Rachel Burnett  17 June
 Young adult perspective on drama for the gifted student. Guest blogger 
 Carol Fertig  17 June

 Careers in science and engineering for the gifted.  
Shane Ngatai 
 17 June

Maori dimensions of leadership and giftedness.
Tim Dracup   17 June

Tim's analysis of the possibilities of voucher scheme policies for gifted education, part 2.  
 Jim Langabeer  18 June

A musician shares some thoughts on teaching music and some childhood memories.    Guest blogger 
 Jack Logan   18 June
 Art, photographs and opinions from a ten-year-old. Guest blogger  
  Susanne Thomas   18 June
 Adapting curriculum for the gifted. International homeschool perspective.  
  Kim Ngoc Minh   18 June

 An Asian Perspective.  Kim Ngoc Minh is a Master's degree candidate in gifted education.  
  Stephanie St George   18 June
  A science opportunity for young gifted New Zealanders.   Guest blogger
 Karin Jury  19 June

 An account of what is happening in one New Zealand school.   Guest blogger
  Mary St George   19 June
  The next big thing - passing the baton to the First World Gifted & Talented Awareness Day, 9 August, 2011, via the photoquotes project.  
 Jonathan Wai  19 June
 How do you measure an intellectual giant? International Perspective.  
It is possible that we may still hear from a few bloggers who found that they were busier that expected during the blog tour. These include Zoe, a young musician; Lea, a creative teacher who may share a  Maori perspective; Jessie Fuamatu, with a Pasifika perspective; and Prof. Roger Moltzen, someone we all know and love within the gifted advocacy movement in New Zealand.
If you plan to run your own blog tour, here are my comments based on the lessons learnt in this one:

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If you've blogged fabulously in previous GAWs, and I've missed it, just drop me a link. Now let's create a blogstorm for GAW 2011!

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