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Supporting Professional Learning

At Gifted Online, we are enthusiastic participants in any opportunities to learn more about gifted education ourselves, and we are equally keen contribute to the professional learning of other teachers with an interest in the field. From time to time, we hold Skype chats for teachers working with Gifted Online students in regular schools. We also participate in educational conferences and online learning communities, and contribute to relevant publications.

Mary St George, Gifted Online teacher, has recently had an article published in Talent Talks, the newsletter of the International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence (IRATDE). The support and encouragement of Professor Albert Ziegler, of the University of Ulm, was significant in having this article published. This in itself shows the usefulness of online professional learning communities; Mary and Albert have never met face to face. You can read Mary's article in the January 2011 issue, along with many other interesting papers, on the IRATDE website at http://www.iratde.org/newsletter/newsletterissue. Many thanks, Professor Ziegler!

Mary also has a professional interest in supporting gifted students who are reluctant writers. Her presentation, Dodging Past the Pen, is one of many useful items available in the proceedings of the Reaching Forward conference at http://www.giftedconference2009.org/proceedings.htm.

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