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Making Time for GO

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Gifted Online students spend five hours of school time each week on their GO work. 
To help fit this into a busy classroom schedule, we recommend that our partner teachers in regular schools use "Curriculum Compacting" as described by Joseph Renzulli and his associates. A quick and dirty summary of this is as follows:
  • Pre-test units wherever possible.
  • Consider what result you would expect from capable students on post-test. Note that this will usually be less than 100%.
  • Where a student achieves this capable result on pre-test, that student should skip the unit or have it compacted - just cover a few key points that they have misunderstood. 
  • Ruthlessly eliminate repetition of material that is already mastered.
  • The free time such students will have as a result is then available for more demanding work, such as work from Gifted Online.
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GO is a service provided by the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education.

 For all enquiries about the Gifted Online Programme, please contact:
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