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When compared to age peers, gifted kids tend to:
  • learn rapidly
  • have extensive vocabulary
  • concentrate for extended periods
  • have an excellent memory
  • be persistent in their interests
  • be keen observers
  • be highly creative
  • have a vivid imagination
  • be good at jigsaw puzzles
  • read early
  • prefer the company of older children and adults
  • be intense and sensitive
  • aim for perfection

Gifted children are found in:

  • all ethnic groups
  • all socio-economic levels
  • both genders
  • all types of families

Some gifted children are ‘twice exceptional’ - they are gifted but also experience a learning difficulty or a disability.

Speak with the team at the Gifted Education Centre and see if GO could be useful for your child, or a child in your school.

Formal identification of gifted children is available through the Gifted Education Centre, and is a requirement for the GO Solo programme. Identification by the school is usual for the GO team programme, which is a partnership with schools.

GO is a service provided by the Gifted Education Centre.

GO is a service provided by the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education.

 For all enquiries about the Gifted Online Programme, please contact:
 Mary St George
 Lead Teacher for Gifted Online
 T: 07 849 4842       Freephone: 0800 547 543       Email: Please click here to send us a message.
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